Save fuel plus more performance for your vehicle.

Many millions of kilometers driven by our private and corporate customers clearly confirm the positive effect of our products.

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made in Germany - all our products come from our own production.

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Safety for all customers thanks to product liability insurance of 5 million euros per claim.

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satisfied customers who save fuel and thus hard cash with their vehicles and our effective products.

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Development and experience that characterize our effective products and also protect the environment.

Only the best for your engine

Many millions of kilometers driven by private customers and corporate customers with large vehicle fleets (trucks, buses, etc.) confirm the very positive effect of the innovative products from XeenTEC on your engine.

Less fuel consumption + reduced wear + longer engine life

save fuel

Our vision and long-term goal

Supplying as many vehicles, machines, engines, etc. as possible worldwide with our effective products in order to relieve our common environment in the form of less fuel consumption and less exhaust gas emissions.

All benefits at a glance

Less consumption plus more performance.
Find out more about the advantages of the XeenTEC products.

Less consumption

With our product XFO, the fuel burns more completely and effectively, developing more power (kW) and significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Less wear and tear

The XOO product leads to additional lubrication of the engine, internal cleaning of the engine and the build-up of an effective anti-wear layer. XAE reduces electrosmog in the vehicle, which means that the engine runs more easily and more smoothly, and more power (kW) develops in the engine.

Save real money

By using XeenTEC products, you will demonstrably have less wear and tear on your vehicle and lower fuel consumption. This means you can save money and also drive in a more environmentally friendly way.

protect the environment

The XeenTEC products protect the environment through significantly lower pollutant emissions, for example the reduction of CO2 and NOx.

Our effective products

Discover our products and benefit immediately!


Oil optimizer
and anti-electrosmog






combo product


XeenTEC is looking for professionals to expand sales worldwide!

If you are interested in our sales, then fill out the registration form now. You will immediately receive a welcome email with all further information about the start. The diverse earning opportunities will inspire you.

"The XeenTEC sales model has meanwhile developed into my main source of income."

Stefan K.

"The remuneration model and the products in the combination bring me an additional income every month and help me to save."

Christina S.

Companies test for free
our effective products

Regular use of our products will significantly reduce your fleet's fuel costs.
In certain cases free tests can be arranged.

An innovation that pays off.

That's what our happy ones say
Customers about the XeenTEC products

XFO I fill up 20 ml with every tank filling with a 60 liter tank. I'm about at 4 tanks now. My number of kilometers per tank load has definitely increased.

GH from Austria

The engine runs quietly, when I'm on the phone while driving, no one hears the engine. Gasoline consumption has decreased by 12-15%.

PS from Germany

After adding all three components, I rode a 25-mile lap and was excited to see the results.

HS from Germany

The car is now noticeably livelier with less fuel consumption. In addition, it runs much more smoothly, which was noticeable in the first 100 kilometers.

KHW from Germany


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